About Us

Julia Stephen

I’ve been a teacher since the late eighties and although I don’t teach in a school setting I am still a teacher of sorts, now I teach wholistic health. For the last 7 years I have been studying and practicing herbal medicine in Edmonton. when my daughter became ill and no one seemed to know how to help I turned to alternative therapies for help. Now I help others along the path to sustainable health. Everyone has the right to live their lives with health and vitality, thank you for allowing me to help you in your journey to wholistic health.

Kristen Whyte

Kristen was born in Payson, Arizona and grew up in Arizona’s San Tan Valley. Her interest in wholistic health began during her studies in massage therapy where she learned the value of essential oils in treating physical ailments. Moving to western Canada in the summer of 2017 to be with her now husband, she ultimately met and began to work with White Peony’s founder and President Julia Stephen. Together they began to explore alternative products for healthful living, experimenting with oils, teas, herbs, soaps, tinctures, lotions, and various other creations. Seeing the value of wholistic health on body and mind has driven Kristen to pursue her dream of helping people feel good in all aspects of their lives.

Kristen Whyte is co-founder and social media manager of White Peony Wholistic.